Cenotes in the Riviera Maya

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Experience a magical dive  in the cenotes in the Riviera Maya.

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What is a sulfur cloud?

A sulphur cloud is a layer of hydrogen sulfide, which is formed by the bacterial decomposition of organic material that has fallen into the cenote. 

It appears normelly at a depth of minimum 30 meters and 3m thick, visibility goes down to less than half a meter. It´s black like a night dive. Dead trees litter the bottom slope that disappears off down to 56m. 

Passing through, going up is the most awesome thing about a Cenote dive. Visibility is next to nothing but then as we come up the cloud appears as thin wispy lines in the water, it’s very cool. Just on top of that a halocline. A change from salt below to fresh above creates cool light effects which add to the experience of diving in the cenotes of the Riviera Maya. A cenote diving Riviera Maya should be on your bucket list!

Cenotes in the Riviera Maya

There are a lot of cenotes in the Riviera Maya where you can go diving and experience the amazing scenary of light beams and extremely clear water that will make you feel floating in another universe. 

The unique characteristic of 3 of those cenotes is the natural sulfur layer that creates a ‘cloud like atmosphere. Divers go from above to below this layer and witness the light to darkness the sulfur layer creates. It is truly found nowhere else.

Cenote Angelita

Cenote Angelita, which contains a distinct underwater river that flows through some 30 metres below the surface. 

This river, where saltwater meets fresh water, is blanketed by a thick cloud of hydrogen sulphide — and it would kill you if you tried to breathe it in. 

It looks just like a deep, tranquil pool of fresh water, surrounded in vegetation, but if you dive down about 30 metres (100 feet), you’ll find something odd — a misty river flowing on its own through its clear, still surroundings. The cloud of hydrogen sulphide — a colourless, toxic gas that smells like rotten eggs — is more than 3 metres thick (10 feet), and it makes diving through it extremely difficult. A cenote angelita diving will bring you in another world!

cenote angelita

Cenote el Pit

If you want to experience a real mexican cenote diving, this is the best cenote dive for you. The fascinating El Pit cenote is the deepest in the Dos Ojos system and in the entire state of Quintana Roo, with a depth of 120 meters. You scuba dive with a spectacular beam of light that illuminates the crystal-clear waters of the cavern, especially on sunny days. The play of light reaches the depths through the layers of halocline and acid clouds.

Around 12 to 20 meters deep, where fresh waters meet salty waters, visibility becomes very interesting due to the way the light beams separate in different ways as the waters meet. You may have some difficulty taking pictures when inside this layer, as the camera lenses don’t seem to handle the effect well.

The hydrogen sulphide layer is located close to 27 meters deep, with a thickness of 2 to 4 meters; it resembles a mist rising over the tops of rocks.

The maximum depth of the cenote is 121 meters and there are multiple passages that lead to other rooms, although these explorations are only for highly experienced divers.

Cenote Maravilla

Known for its rock formations of bell-shaped stalactites, for one of the most impressive light shows offered by the cenote and for the thickness of the hydrogen sulfide cloud layer, Maravilla is a deep cenote of approximate depth of 60 meters and a diameter of more than 90 meters. 

In the upper part, despite being roofed, there is a large opening hole where the sun’s rays enter and provide extra lighting to divers.

Once inside, you can see a diversity of bell-shaped stalactites as well as a mysterious hydrogen cloud that gives the cenote that mystical atmosphere. During the dive, visitors also enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna that exist in these kinds of sites, the best yucatan cenotes diving.

Cenote maravilla

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