CURP number is a unique code which identifies all Mexican citizens and residents. 

CURP meaning

CURP means Clave Única de Registro de Población in Spanish, or Unique Population Registration Code in English. Every number is unique to the person it identifies. It is generated from information about each holder, such as name and date of birth. Once you get a CURP, you will use it for your whole life. They do not change.

Who has a CURP?

The Unique Population Registration Code is used as an ID number for people residing in Mexico, whether they are Mexican or foreigners, or Mexicans living abroad. It is used for procedures involving any official document in Mexico, from processing different documents, services, or even bank loans or immigration procedures such as permanent or temporary residency in Mexico.

Why do I need a CURP?

If you plan to live in Mexico, a CURP will be very useful for many thing.

The CURP number is necessary for many official procedures in Mexico. For example, to

  • Open accounts at any bank. 

  • Buy and register a car. 

  • Pay taxes.

  • Get a Mexican driver’s license (without giving up your foreign one).

  • Join the national healthcare program with IMSS (Mexican Institute for Social Security).

  • Get a homeowner’s exemption from paying capital gains tax on a future sale of a Mexican property. 

How to get a CURP?

Once you acquire temporary or permanent residency in Mexico, your CURP will be generated. There is no added cost to receive the CURP.

Immigration will require the following documents:

  • Original and a copy of your passport
  • Your resident card
  • The CURP request letter

The card is quick and easy to apply for and receive, and because it is a photocopy of a card you may wish to laminate it for protection, but the best part is if you lose your original CURP card you may print another copy from the following link:


CURP Mexicano
curp resident