Dentist in Mexico

Mexico’s enduring popularity as a tourist destination has also seen a surge in the number of dental tourists arriving here looking for a dentist in Mexico. Along with affordable prices and quality care, Mexico offers visitors everything from tranquil mountains, historical archaeological sites, picturesque old-world villages, modern cities and, of course, its stunning coastlines with breathtaking beaches and abundant marine life.

Dental work in Mexico

Mexico is a great destination to visit for affordable dental care, particularly for budget-conscious North Americans and Canadians who don’t want to travel far for high-quality, inexpensive treatment with mexican dentists. Here’s why you should see a dentist in Mexico:

  1. Excellent quality care. Dentists in Mexico have been trained in the US and are likely to be members of the American Dental Association or accredited by one of the leading US accreditation agencies. Search Dental Departures for verified dentists with excellent reviews from patients who have experienced satisfying outcomes.
  2. Great prices. If you are among the millions struggling with the high costs of dental makeover and care at home, Mexico is one of the most-traveled dental destinations combining quality care and affordability. Savings on most procedures in Mexico range from 40-70% compared to prices in the US, which are at an all-time high.
  3. English is spoken here.  English is fluently spoken at all the best clinics serving Cancun and the Riviera Maya. 
  4. Easy travel and tourism. For those wanting to combine a holiday with dental work, Mexico’s resort destinations such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cabo San Lucas or Puerto Vallarta offer some of the world’s finest beaches, affordable lodging and plenty of sightseeing. 

Mexico dental tourism

Going to a dentist in Mexico is one of the great open secrets for getting high quality, affordable care.

It is estimated that Mexico caters to more than 1 million medical tourists every year.

Take the time to explore the possibility of savings by establishing a professional relation with some of the best dentists in Mexico. You will find cheap dental work in Mexico, but going with the cheapest price is not always the best options, there are average price in dentistry. There is a broad selection of dentists and cities you can travel in Mexico for your dental work. Finding the most competent, caring and well-equipped dentist in Mexico within your budget will take a little bit of research! Cancun dental tourism has become famous for full dental makeover.

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Dental vacation Mexico offers the highest international standards, with the most advanced hygiene measures and technology that guarantee you professional and safe care.

Dentist in Mexico

Dentist in Mexico

Mexican dental vacation

Dentists and dental professionals in Mexico offer a wide range of dental services. From routine cleanings to full mouth reconstructions, you can find high-quality care for your teeth and gums if you are looking to get your teeth done in Mexico.

If you’re on vacation in Cancun or Playa del Carmen but need some work done on your mouth, you can visit a dentist for simple procedures such as tooth filling or teeth whitening. Some dentists even do same-day crowns so that you don’t have to wait long before enjoying your fun in paradise!

For more complex treatments like root canals, metal-free braces or tooth implants, however, it makes sense to look into specialist dentists who are trained specifically for these procedures.

How to find a good dentist in Mexico ?

Not all clinics and dentists are equal and so it’s important to put the effort into finding good a dentist in Mexico. Here are five tips to help you find Mexico dentistry treatments in the country’s top destination for dental tourism.

  1. Find a Clinic with an Established Reputation – If you’re looking going to Mexico for dental surgery or implantation, then take some time and ask around. Talk to other expats who have been living in Mexico for an extended period of time and get recommendations from them. If you don’t know anyone, there are several online forums where people discuss their dental experiences in different parts of Mexico. Don’t sacrifice quality over price. It will save you hassles of costly rework, which can easily double or triple your cost. Plus bad dentistry is emotionally draining, sometimes traumatic.
  2. Make Sure Your Dentist is Well Qualified – Choose a well-trained and qualified dentist in Mexico. Some dentists have studied overseas, however many received their qualifications in Mexico. Don’t be put off by this. The top dental schools in Mexico are comparable to those found in the USA, Canada and other modern countries.
  3. Types of Dentist – There are two types of dental professionals in Mexico: General Dentist and Specialized Dentist. General dentists mainly provide general dental treatment such as cleaning, removal, filling, and checkups. Some general dentists may also be able to offer whitening and braces. Specialists, on the other hand, specialize on certain areas such as cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and root canals. While both general and specialty dentists may have additional training in areas outside their primary specializations, they are generally not recognized as higher-level than someone with less advanced training in that area.

  4. Cost – While costs vary from region to region, expats should generally budget between USD $50 and $150 for basic procedures like filling cavities or crowns. If you need more complicated work done — such as implants, dental bridges, full-mouth dentures, etc. — you can expect to pay significantly more. These prices may sound extremely low to American ears because of the lower cost of living in Mexico, but keep in mind that many medical services in Mexico are subsidized by public healthcare programs. 

Dental services in Mexico

Tens of thousands of people travel to Mexico (and other foreign countries) for dental work every year looking for the best dental clinics in Mexico. This is because you can save thousands on affordable dentistry, and it is easier to get appointments with Mexican dentists. Another reason why people come to Mexico is that they can get dental treatment done faster, and better yet, get a vacation out of it.

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If you are ready to get your dental work in Cancun,with Dentics Cancunyou get the best dental professionals with more than 15 years of experience and certifications by the most important associations.

Cosmetic dentistry Mexico

Veneers in Mexico

Dental Crowns Mexico and Veneers are very popular procedures for people traveling to Mexico for a dental appointment. They are used to improve a tooth’s shape and appearance. If you are interested in getting one, follow the link to contact the best place to get dental work in Mexico.

Dental Implants Mexico

Dental Implants Mexico are used to fix an entire set of teeth and use them as your natural ones. This is also a very popular procedure among dental travelers because of how much you can save on dental work and how much you can also win for your daily life. Follow the link to find the best dentist in Mexico for implants.

Root Canals Mexico

The root canal treatment is carried out by cleaning and shaping the canal and then filling it with a special material and permanently sealing it. This treatment is indicated in severe cases of caries to save the tooth from extraction. Continuous training and new technologies such as microscope, ultrasound and digital radiography are tools today to perform a high quality treatment thus improving the prognosis of the case.

Teeth whitening Playa del Carmen

Basic dental cleaning, removal of stains caused by tobacco or coffee, two sessions of dental whitening with a gel activating lamp.

Dentist in Mexico prices

To get a better idea of how much does dental work in Mexico cost, we made a list of the average prices of the treatments you will be available to get.

Dentists Mexico

If your mind is already made up and you decided to get your dental in Mexico, we recommend you check a few things before choosing. Usually, we choose clinics by recommendations from our relatives, acquaintances, or close friends we can trust, but in case you are the first person to get a dental holiday, these tips will be useful:

  • It is important to check patients’ reviews for you to make the right call. Checking if other patients like you were satisfied or not, will help you to get a better idea of the attention you could receive and also about the quality of the treatments they offer.
  • Don’t be embarrassed to ask about their doctor’s credentials. Not only will it help you to feel more comfortable, but you will see what kind of preparation the dentist has and see if their skills are the proper ones for the treatment you wish to have.
  • Check out the clinic’s associations. To make sure the quality will be preserved, it is important to review the clinic’s credentials such as the American Dental Association.
  • Warranty. Trustful clinics will give you a warranty for all of their treatments. It is important that a clinic can guarantee that their procedure will be done correctly and in case you are not satisfied, you could be able to get it fixed.
  • Choose a nearby, calm, and budget-friendly location. Even though you are saving money on dental care, some locations in Mexico could be more expensive than other ones. If you are planning to stay a couple of days make sure you pick a place where you can walk around and relax, and if it’s a quick trip to the dentist, maybe something close to your hometown will suit you better.

Dentist in Playa del Carmen Mexico