Cancun and Playa del Carmen are considered to be the heart of the Mexican Caribbean. Thousands of travelers end up here every year when they visit the Riviera Maya, attracted by the white sand beaches and turquoise water. Yachts are a great way to explore some of the most beautiful and exotic locations. Now, how to choose the best yacht rental Playa del Carmen ?

Yacht rental Prices Playa del Carmen

How much does it cost to rent a yacht in Playa del Carmen ?

Yachts are available for rent around the city from the many tour agencies, departing in general from the marina in Puerto Aventuras. The cost is determined by the duration of your trip –the longer you stay, the cheaper it gets per day. The price also depends on how many people will be on board as well.
Most people think that yacht rental Playa del Caermen is expensive, but if you do your research and find an affordable rental agency, it can cost as little as a few hundred USD per day. But if you can allow yourself the commodity of renting a more luxurious yacht, then why not make your traveling even more adventurous and comfortable. 
Yacht rentals in the Riviera Maya start at $100/hour for a sailing yacht, and can go up in price to over $2,000/day for a luxury yacht charter in Cancún. This incredible yachting experience will give you a glimpse into the beauty of the turquoise Caribbean sea. 

Yacht rental Playa del Carmen

Rent a nice boat for that special birthday that you are looking for. Have that bachelor or bachelorette party you was dreaming about, or just party with Caribbean style! 

In Playa del Carmen, all private boat rentals are organized in two slots or three.  Morning, Afternoon, and/ or sunset to fully take advantage of the boats and have different tours in one day.   Starting times also are flexible when renting a boat for more than 5 hours.  But the regular sluts for 5-hour boat rental and under areas fallow.

  • Morning 9 am to 1:30 pm
  • Afternoon 2 pm to 7 pm
  • Sunset 6:30 pm or 7 pm and on

Boat rentals near me

  • Yacht Club Playa, features a large selection of yachts. They offer seven types of yachts, seven types of megayachts, and eight types of boats. In addition to their innovative design and performance, the yachts are elegantly decorated and fully equipped. There are wide, spacious cabins, plasma HD TVs, audio systems, a kitchen, as well as many extra accessories and amenities. Whether you want to fish, dive, or sit back and relax, these yachts will fit your needs. There is even the possibility to hold a celebration here, be it a birthday, a wedding, or anything else you wish to celebrate extraordinarily.
  • Caribbean Dream Yachts, Riviera Charters offers fifteen types of yachts that can fit up to ten guests. Their yachts are fully equipped and include a chef on board, an unlimited open bar, diving equipment, and audio systems. The cabins are spacious and elegantly decorated. There are also sunbathing, relaxing, and recreational areas on the yachts. They welcomed us with their perfect Margarita cocktail. They said you always need to make time for the things you love, like drinking Margaritas.You also have the chance to choose additional services, including a premium open-bar, Mariachi Band, photos and videos, and exclusive proposal organization. 
  • Playa Yachting, fleet is composed of modern luxury yachts that provide the most exclusive experience in each port of interest. They design, develop, and deliver unforgettable experiences to all types of travelers. Playa Yachting  is dedicated to providing personalized attention with comprehensive customized itineraries, top-quality cuisine, multilingual staff, and the highest levels of safety, comfort, and luxurious amenities in an exotic environment for your most memorable vacation in the Caribbean.
    To truly enjoy the sunset glow and soft sea breezes, step aboard a luxury yacht experience. With Premium and VIP service, a top-shelf international bar with high-class mixology, fresh fruit, and cocktails, all officially approved and prepared by their Executive Chef. Your only decision will be whether to dine on freshly caught seafood or succulent filet mignon.
    Anything you need, not just the essentials, you can ask of them because their crew is there to spoil you! 
  • Boat rental Playa del Carmen, are rated as the number one best yacht rental in Playa del Carmen. Their team is focused on providing the best customer service in the industry. They are friendly, responsive, and always available to help. They list their prices upfront, have a flexible refund policy, don’t charge hidden fees, and promise no hassle.
    Their yachts and catamarans are world-class. But what makes them so special is the crew. Every vessel at sea is hand-selected and performs an intense cursory inspection before bringing it into their fleet.
    Their captains are among the best in the industry, bringing exceptional experience and great customer relationships to each day they’re on the water. Their crews take care of their yachts and catamarans, keeping them clean and sanitized throughout your stay.
    They offer tours that allow you to visit places that typically you would be unable to visit without making multiple stops at each sight. Every private tour includes chef-prepared meals, an open bar, and snorkeling.  


Luxuy Yacht

Amazing luxury yacht and boat options for your yacht rental Playa del Carmen with different kinds of boats like sailboats, catamarans, fishing boat trips, and more.  In Conclusion, for groups of any size, we can arrange your luxury yachting experience with great pleasure, service, and an unforgettable location.  Therefore making this your highlight of your vacation.

 Fishing Playa del Carmen

Are you into fishing?  take a deep-sea fishing trip alongside experts of fishing and increase your chances of a great catch depending on the season.  Marlyn fish, Dorada, and more.  Are you ready to have your fresh ceviche made onboard?  Either go on one of our luxury yachts or on one of our fully equipped fishing boats for different size groups.

Different fishing options in Playa del Carmen

  • Deep-sea fishing
  • Sport Fishing
  • Trolling fishing
  • Fly fishing
  • Fishing Tournaments

Bachelorette and Bachelor Boat Parties

Plan the best Bachelorette and Bachelor party in Playa del Carmen, and rent a luxury yacht, a catamaran, or a sailboat. Making your Bachelorette party on board a boat is the best option. Is your own private party over the Caribbean, your best friends, the captain and crew will make sure you have the best time ever and the landscapes are gorgeous.

Catering your last fling before the ring on a boat, with cocktails, music, and partying your way out of your single life with an amazing bachelorette party.

Wedding ceremony on a boat rental

Why be traditional when you can go adventurous and capture your ceremony on a boat as you navigate on the Caribbean waters.  Therefore creating great memories,  get the Moet open to toast for a happy beginning to your marriage life on your yacht rental Playa del Carmen.

Birthdays on a boat

Including your cake and your birthday song on one of our luxury yacht or boat options.  Also, bring your friends and enjoy a delicious meal as you celebrate your birthday on the ocean.

Catamaran Rentals in Playa del Carmen

Yacht rental Playa del Carmen offers many catamarans sizes, for example: Catamaran for groups of 15 people, 30 people to conventions and bigger groups, wedding gathering, conference/assembly/congress groups from up to 70 people. In Cancun we’ve got groups boats for up to 300 people, as huge as 3 levels with a slide on it.

Cancun Yacht rentals

One of the best experiences that you can have is renting a yacht, and not just anywhere, but renting a yacht on the waters of the Riviera Maya, Mexico. 

There are many occasions where spending your time on a yacht makes your vacation perfect with all the luxuries and comfort it gives you while you are sailing to all of the beautiful destinations of the Mexican Caribbeans.

One of the reasons for yacht rental Playa del Carmen is just having fun. And also romantic outings, marriage proposals, anniversaries, bachelor and bachelorette parties, weddings, birthdays, and other family celebrations are extraordinary moments in our life, so we should consider making great memories on your yacht rental Playa del Carmen and sailing throughout the waters at the coast of the Riviera Maya.

When it comes to scuba diving, spearfishing or snorkeling, this area is well-known as the divers’ paradise. 

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